Family Owned and Operated Since 1936

Since 1936 Asphalt Industries has been a family owned and operated business focused on providing superior quality and craftsmanship in commercial, municipal, and residential asphalt. Owned by the Locuson family since the 1970’s, Asphalt Industries offers specialized work in the area of Oil and Chip that is found in many parking lots, country roads, and high end estates that are looking for a durable yet unique option that can withstand years of service without deteriorating.

What makes our process unique is the kind of asphalt that we use. Our asphalt is a emulsified liquid which is different from the “blacktop” asphalt that most people think of. With our asphalt being liquid we are able to make not only a great pavement sealer but a great crack filler as well. Our asphalt is also made with a flexible polymer which makes our surface flexible and less prone to cracking unlike the hard brittle blacktop that other asphalt companies use.

Visit our portfolio for some of our recent work and see the difference for yourself!